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We believe in the power of creative ideas and great design

Who we are

Creatfx is one of the most creative digital studios skilled in high-end visual effects, animation, design and creative development for advertising, highlight films, and arising media. With a 17+ years presence in Mumbai, the Creatfx studio is artist-centric at its core, cultivating a nearby collaboration of artist-to-chief as well as the whole inventive group. Inside a comfortable mixed creation space, Creatfx gathers a redid team of designers, animators, and compositors for every project. We offer top notch enhanced visual effects services for both component movies and TV arrangement offering an adaptable and cost-effective service globally. We offer a fascinating mix of imagination with polished skill and ability of working on varied scale of post-productions.

  1. "Beginning"

    Since the beginning of our animation studio in 2014, we have been creating compelling, thought provoking and exciting activities. We have worked with visionary customers from across the globe and across a wide scope of industry areas, rejuvenating their thoughts.

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  2. "Project"

    As far as we might be concerned, no task is too large or excessively little and we offer 100% to every single project we work on.

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  3. "Design"

    We work cooperatively with customers of all sizes from new companies through to global customers on an assortment of ventures like personality/brand design, site, digital and print design, packaging and motion graphics, to make top notch work that meets the goals and build up a long-lasting relationship.

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  4. "VISION"

    CREATFX is home to a group of visionaries working across film, advertising, TV and vivid.

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  5. “Passion”

    We are passionate about all that which reflected in our transition to the procedural graphics platform.

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  6. "Strength"

    We excel at making convoluted ideas straightforward. In case you're attempting to convey another plan of action, a new innovation or complex science, we can ensure your audience gets it.

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  7. "Proud"

    We pride ourselves to adjust our style and way to deal with fit with any brand picture and work with the absolute best motion visual specialists.

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Our Featured Services

Visual Effects

CreatFX Studio can create a limitless range of effects including rain, snow, smoke, fire, debris, wind, water or waves – to name only a few. Because, our VFX / CGI artists have the skills and multiple tools to create visual elements limited only to one’s imagination, often achieving what seems impossible.

Motion Graphics

CreatFX Studio’s known realisations is more free and mind blowing motion design team that keeps surprising with its inventiveness and creativeness. Covering a large range of needs for your film, commercial and television productions, we explore and conceptual any ideas you have. With the use of many different software, we develop designs that will fit the mood you are aiming for. So tell us what you want to.

3D Animation

CreatFX Studio has created a pipeline around a team of senior CGI artists, which has allowed us to master every phase of 3D animation, including modelling, look development, shading, lighting and animation for any given object, vehicle, crowd or character. We can create anything the imagination envisions.

Computer Generated Image

CreatFX Studio has created a pipeline around a team of senior CGI artists, which has allowed us to master every phase of 3D animation, including modelling, look development, shading, lighting and animation for any given object, vehicle, crowd or character. We can create anything the imagination envisions.

Why Choose Us?

CreatFX give smooth VFX, Animation, Motion graphics & CGI services with the perfect measure of energy and advancement with no compromise in quality. We also supported an enormous part of clients from around the world with incredible client experiences. We understand the ever-changing nature and stresses engaged with the timetable of creation. So, we are open for 24/7.

Our main goal is to give facilities of superior grade. The works are just about as extraordinary as you, leaving no data unattended, so you can be sure of your image responsibility and spotlight on what’s significant, i.e., taking your business up to the next level.

Creative Work

Creativity is the foundation of CreatFx Studio and flows 24/7 in each team member’s mind, we believe in the uniqueness of each project & emphasise on even the smallest details to deliver the satisfaction to our clients along with their projects.

Professional Team

Our team comprises highly qualified, talented & passionate people. So, every member has sense of responsibility towards their respective projects


Hari Pandit

Hari Pandit

Hari Pandit, a self made man who started his career working with one of the most reputed companies of India further leading him to the path of owning his own array of companies. He is an entrepreneur who founded CreatFX Studio, Kala Chasma Entertinment and Brainbuzz Communication Agency. His vast plethora of knowledge includes a multitude of diverse VFX skills. Since 2003 Mr.Pandit has relentlessly worked with his clients which are Samsung, Panasonic, Iball, Oppo and many more. His name is considered as one of the most well known VFX Director and Producer of India. He not only is associated with the biggest product brands but has also been part of highly reputed and big budget successful movies as a VFX Director. His name rings a bell everywhere in the Advertising and Film Industry.


Anamika Pandit

For 10 vigorous years Mrs. Anamika Pandit has been associated with  Web Development. A double master holder and a  highly educated woman who sets the bar sky high for anyone standing opposite to her. Her charisma, charm and serene mindedness  is the foundation on which Creatfx is standing strongly. In fact there are not enough words in the dictionary to define her significance in this company.  Her noteworthy leadership, direction and management of finance and accounting makes her the cornerstone of the company. 

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"An Intense Experience"

"Working with Creatfx was simple. Their team comprehended the brief impeccably and conveyed to a unimaginably close cut-off time. A genuine joy."

Robert Shuman

"Visualy Over-powering

"Creatfx's persevering and talented group were a delight to work with on our item recordings. Correspondence was magnificent from pre to after creation."

Amanda Gilles
Project Head

"Amazing Team"

"A profoundly proficient, inventive, submitted and proficient group giving a magnificent final product. I would suggest without fail."

Donna Louis

CreatFx Studio

An Animation Company in India